President's Message: Jim Schultz
September 2017 Runabouts to Rockets

Volume 36 #9

Welcome to September! Summer has sped by like a rocket. It has been a busy few months of enjoyable car related events including our most successful meet in Reading hosted by our Paul Hartlieb. What a delightful array of Oldsmobiles we had and I saw many friends I’ve not seen for a while. I cannot remember the last time I saw three ’50 98 convertibles in one place or an armada of three black 1976 98 coupes parked side by side led by Steve Jerome. The ‘30s cars were also well represented with some really well restored examples on display. I got a ride in Tom Pugh’s Curved Dash but unfortunately it got side lined with a flat tire. I guess tire stores just don’t stock anything for those cars. Some really great fifties cars attended as well with one notable entry from Ron Siegrist. Ron drove his 1952 98 convertible that he bought new up from the Baltimore area along with his grandson driving Ron’s 1966 98 convertible that he also bought new. This is remarkable that he has had these two cars from new but when you add in the fact that Ron has been on the planet for 91 years is truly amazing.

The tours were really great this year. I elected to go to club member Harry Tucci’s Harmaleah Farm and the Boyertown Museum Tour. Harry showed us his world class collection of carriages and with his vast knowledge on them made it a very enjoyable experience. Also Harry collects Rolls Royce and Bentley cars and had quite a collection of them plus a couple of Hudsons and his ’49 88 Convertible. Many of the structures on the farm were built in the 1700’s. Thank you Harry for sharing the farm with us. The Boyertown Museum was an interesting place with most all the exhibited artifacts being made in the state of Pennsylvania. They had the entire Reading Diner inside the museum looking like it just opened. One of the largest collection of Duryea cars was on display along with a Mister Softee ice cream truck made by the Boyertown Auto Body works on a fifty’s Ford chassis. This museum is a must see if you’re in the neighborhood. The American Treasure Tour on Friday was best described as “sensory overload”. An amazing collection of music machines that all played with great tone quality. I have seen these machines before but not on this scale. Cars and trucks intermixed with figurines and music machines and just about everything else you can imagine we saw from the little tram ride through the vast collection. If you are in the Oaks, PA area this would also be a must see. Thanks again Paul for all your efforts on a great meet.

Start making plans for next year’s gathering in Shoreview, MN hosted by Gary Krig June 27 – 30th 2018. This meet promises to be a good one in that we will be there about the same time as the huge “Back to the Fifties” car show happening the weekend before. Look for details coming out in the January issue of Runabouts to Rockets.

—Jim Schultz (#2096)
Chino Valley, Arizona



















































































































































































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