President's Message: Rick Winn
April 2018 Runabouts to Rockets

Volume 37 #4

Spring is in the air?! Depends on where you live; some folks in the Club are still having the last vestiges of winter to deal with. Interesting that Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year; I won’t even begin to go there. However there have been plenty of fool’s days around for me and the car hobby. A great Oldsmobile guy and friend is Larry Ruppel from Colorado. He has compiled a collection of his essays about Tom Toronado, a fictional Oldsmobile guy modeled after his own exploits. Based on the essays it becomes apparent immediately that Tom Toronado is related to many of us in spirit (think Tim Allen of Home Improvement). Larry has a Cotner bodied Oldsmobile hearse that he took to the 100th anniversary meet in Lansing. It is painted pink and now is raised up on gigantic wheels on a truck frame; back in 1997 he drove it to Lansing where it sat on the grounds of the capitol building. It had a sign saying the paint was “by the numbers." He had a coffin as a trailer with his tools. He is one of the funniest non-professional comedians I have ever met. If you are interested in reading about the “Adventures of Tom Toronado” you can contact me or Larry directly. He is just one example of the dynamic, talented and interesting people in the Oldsmobile hobby. When you attend any of the Oldsmobile functions be sure to try to meet as many of the attendees as possible and find out who they are, what they do and have done and you will be continually amazed at the personal and professional accomplishments of them all.

Was in a car accident a couple of days ago and the car was totaled; it was not an Oldsmobile. The other car was equally destroyed. This was the first accident of my long and storied driving life that was my fault. We were both lucky to walk away without any serious injuries. The point is that every day is a gift to be enjoyed and treasured. Greg Minges, the Vice President, was elated that he did not have to assume any higher office early so enjoyment comes in many small and large forms.

Speaking of forms, please remember to send in your application form to the Nationals in Minnesota as soon as possible. It makes the host happy and the organization of events moves much more smoothly. Also now is the time to start thinking of checking the “routine after winter slumber maintenance items” on your classic car. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

—Rick Winn (#914)
Slaton, Texas



































































































































































































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