President's Message: Rick Winn
July 2018 Runabouts to Rockets

Volume 37 #7

By the time you receive this issue I would hope everyone will have returned home safe and sound from travels to Minnesota for the Nationals. A special thanks to Gary Krig and his wife and all who chipped in to make it a memorable event and one worth returning to next year in Addison, Texas. Also thanks to Greg Minges who always does a stellar job overseeing the judging and to Sharon Mang for her efforts on the award presentation pictures at the Banquet. Lastly thanks to the Board members who contribute their time and energies to the club function. I am always in awe of the beautiful cars that people bring or drive to the show and have personal visions of winning the Lottery so I could own more Oldsmobiles (this is where Jim Schultz chimes in that I don’t need any more or that I need to live two hundred years to get them all done). Kudos to all who brought their cars to the Meet - as simply put: there would be no meet without the cars. Having family in Minneapolis (Stacy’s parents and sister, brother in law and so on), I have spent much time in Stillwater and the Twin Cities and I know how much fun there is to be had. For those that were able to attend the “Back to the Fifties” meet you now truly know what car sensory overload can be. Could have been better if the Meet could have also included the Minnesota State Fair but that is in the late summer. Pronto Pups and Mini Donuts make that worth attending. If you have any questions about the NAOC feel free to call or email me or any of the Board members; if you have questions about hosting a Meet don’t hesitate to contact any of us as well.

Due a previous engagement Blythe Thimsen will be unable to begin her duties as the Editor until the August issue; therefore, for better or worse, this Oldsmobile servant will once again attempt to perform feats of "derring do" and dazzle everyone with my inherited literary talents (my mother [and all her siblings] was a schoolteacher (this is not her fault). Please take note that Paul Hartlieb and Jim Schultz are providing Herculean efforts to support the NAOC magazine; I am very appreciative. Any input/content for stories, car histories or whatever you think appropriate for the magazine is gratefully solicited.

—Rick Winn (#914)
Slaton, Texas



































































































































































































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