May 2012 Runabouts to Rockets

President Larry Reid's Message

Our national meet, scheduled for June 20-23, is just around the corner now. Paul and Sharon Mang, hosts of this year’s meet in Columbus, Indiana, are ready to greet those participants that will be in attendance. This promises to be an exciting time and a time that, if you can make it, promises to be great fun. Hope to see as many of you that can make it.

As we look forward to the meet, it’s time to finish up your restoration project or polish up the Olds. One of our NAOC Model Year Advisors just communicated with me to explain all the various ways he has been able to assist members and non-members alike in their particular projects. This might take the form of looking for a certain part, identifying the year of a hood ornament, directing someone to a particular part source. In my case, the Oldsmobile “network” has been invaluable. Members such as Don Baldwin, Charles Brennan, Dave Munyon, Dave Sutton, Mike Fusick (Fusick Automotive) and Terry Thach have been vital cogs in my particular project(s). Our advisors can point you to someone within the club that can get that specific part, give you the piece of information that has eluded you, help you sell your grandfather’s 1941 Oldsmobile, or in some cases give you a hand with a repair. In fact, it’s happened that one of our members, trying to get home from a national meet, barely limped into a certain town. He made a phone call and three Oldsmobile guys, over three days, basically rebuilt the top end of the Rocket V-8 engine so that he could continue his drive home. The charge? Probably there were some beers consumed. My point is simply that we have a unique club with members that will not only go the extra mile but even beyond that to keep an Oldsmobile running and driving down the road.

So, how can each of us as NAOC members benefit our club and all its members? We can continue to drive our cars, show them at meets, communicate with members and non-members about Oldsmobile, invite someone new to join the NAOC, take a youngster to a meet in your Oldsmobile, and keep the club strong with your continuing membership. The challenge, in these tough economic times, is to continue upholding the proud heritage and tradition of Oldsmobile. The evidence of this is well documented in Helen Jones Early and Jim Walkinshaw’s well crafted book, “Setting the Pace”. Oldsmobile people have been through tough times before but have seen it through. We can do no less.

—Happy Oldsmobiling,
Larry (#5069)























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