September 2013 Runabouts to Rockets

Our national meet in Elmira, New York was a huge success. Congratulations to Dick and Sue White for making our time there so enjoyable.

Not long after our national meet in Elmira, NAOC President-Elect Jim Schultz’s wife, Trudi, passed away after a very short illness. Trudi and Jim were happily married for 33 years. Jim, we are all very sorry and hope the best for you as you grieve her loss.

The Oldsmobile network. Ah, the network. My wife, Tammy, and I have a second home in Taos, New Mexico. We try to go to Taos when time allows, which seems to be more practical for her than me. But, we both enjoy our time there. Looking through the NAOC Directory several years ago I discovered that there was a member that lived there. It seemed to be a natural to look him up when we were there but the directory and phone number were always forgotten in the rush to get ready to travel. This past summer all the pertinent information was finally remembered and we called NAOC member Bob Brown of Rancho de Taos, NM. Tammy and I were invited to his home to see all his Oldsmobiles—what a great time we had. Bob turned out to be one of those guys who does everything on his cars and does it super well. In his shop he has a trove of Oldsmobile parts all carefully cataloged and stored waiting for the time when they will be put to use. He showed off his latest restoration, a 1955 Olds “98” 2dr Holiday Coupe. It was 99% completed, save for a small amount of interior work. Bob gave me a short ride in the car. It was “sweet” as my grandson says.

Bob and I have continued to communicate via email and hope to get together again sometime this next year when we are in Taos.
My point in relating this experience is the connectedness of the NAOC. Maybe it’s true of all car clubs but, to me, it seems to be extremely strong amongst Oldsmobile enthusiasts. Is it because we are die-hards who can’t let the brand name die? Are we in love with driving our “grandpa’s Oldsmobile?“ Who knows, but it is real. Bob like many of our members has a number of Oldsmobiles and each one is a treasure waiting to be reborn. And, Bob will do it.

So, don’t hesitate to follow up on contacting someone you find living in another town that is a member. My experience is that they can’t wait to share their cars with someone who also has the same passions. Use our directory to find another member and then follow up and get acquainted. You won’t be sorry.

Happy Oldsmobiling






































































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