President's Message: Jim Schultz
March 2014 Runabouts to Rockets

It has been a week or more since “Auction Week” down in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area as I craft my monthly presidential narrative. I thought I would reflect on what I saw at the Barrett–Jackson and the Russo & Steele Auctions. This year, as in the last few years, I went to Friday’s B–J with my good friend and Chrysler 300 collector Don Petty. Yup, he’s Richard’s cousin. We are birds of a feather as we both have sizable car collections.

These auctions are one of the best car shows you can go to. The level of restorations is world class, with paint so deep it looks like you can dive in for a swim. You will see the rarest of the rare on display for sale. There are some auction rats that are seemingly so thrown together at the last minute that the paint isn’t dry yet. Good cars are doing good money—and even better if your car goes through on what we call the witching hours—Friday and Saturday after twelve, when the TV cameras come.

During the third week in January there are about six sizable auctions going on in the Phoenix area and each has a special type of cars. The Saturday of auction week you can go and see over 1200 cars on exhibit with over half of them for sale. For free. The cruise nights are almost as good a show as the auctions, with some of the big time local collectors bringing out the good stuff to show or sell. I almost have car overload by the end of this weekend.

From what we saw I would say the collector car market is pretty stable at this point. I’m not seeing the bidding wars as often as in the past but there were a few exceptions.

This year I drove “Pinky” down for the weekend. It is my ’55 Super 88 Holiday Coupe painted Polar White and Coral, people magnet colors. To get a primo parking spot at the Pavilions this Saturday of the year you have to wake up the chickens and get there by 4:00 AM. I usually arrive around 6:30 AM or so and can park just a little bit out of the most coveted spots. This year I went over with my friend Scott Stockdill and his 1950 “88” deluxe sedan.

Another new AZ Club member parked with us with his ’69 Toronado. I met a lot of people that day and saw some old friends as well and handed out many club membership applications.

Driving down to Phoenix, almost a two hour drive, I was staring out at Pinky’s hood rocket. I got to thinking about the fact that they had to make over 500,000 of those rockets for the 1955 model year. That would make quite a story as to how they were made and how they scaled up to make that quantity.

Not to take anything away from today’s cars but for me that took some serious brain matter to figure this stuff out back in those days. If anyone in the Lansing area has production stories/picturesthey would like to share let me or Wendy know. We want your magazine the best it can be and this kind material would make great topics.

The 2014 National Meet in Minden, Nevada is moving along nicely. This meet with hosts Doug and Kathy Hone is one you will not want to miss. This part of Nevada is a very scenic area of our country. Plan your vacation around the meet and the many venues of this region. As you have read Doug is having 100 Silver medallions made by US Mint Coin Press #1 in it’s 200th year. The medallions will be made at the time of our meet and will be available to those attending first. If there are any leftover you will be able to purchase them through the club. See you there!

—Jim Schultz (#2096)
Chino Valley, Arizona







































































































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