President's Message: Jim Schultz
April 2014 Runabouts to Rockets


As we are now into April and a good part of the membership has a severe case of cabin fever due to one of the more intense winters in some time, I wanted to start everyone thinking about getting the Oldsmobiles ready for spring and summer. If you can, start the routine check of the regular maintenance items. Look your car over for any mechanical issues, coolant and oil leaks, belts and hoses. If any defects are apparent, start the process of repair. Tire inflation is always something requiring regular attention and don’t forget the spare.

A number of years ago I bought one of those small floor jacks with two ton capacity in its own plastic carrying case to carry when I’m driving one of the fleet. These are far better to use than your factory bumper jack. I would cringe at the thought of using one of those jacks on a bumper I just dropped $400 bucks rechroming. Most of your chain parts stores and Walmart carry these jacks for around $30–$40. Besides, Murphy’s law says if you carry one in the trunk you won’t need it.

Our 2014 meet host Doug Hone reports that entries are coming in at a brisk pace. I am looking forward to our meet June 25–28 in Minden, Nevada. Going to the national meets gets me motivated for the rest of the year for working on and restoring my Oldsmobiles. The wealth of knowledge that collectively shows up cannot be duplicated anywhere else. So come out if you can, you won’t be disappointed.

We are looking for Gathering Points to list for our members to congregate around the country. This can be a regional car show or swap meet, or even tours like the one Greg Childs organized a couple of years ago in Montana. The purpose of the Gathering Points is to make available regional shows where our membership can meet up without a long drive. We would like to have one member to be the point person of contact with the show details. A club banner can be made available for these gatherings. Please contact me by email or phone if you would like to list a Gathering Point in your neck of the woods.
I want to keep encouraging the membership to contribute to our magazine. Send in pictures and stories of your Oldsmobiles, experiences, artifacts and memorabilia. We want Runabouts to Rockets to be the best that it can be.

—Jim Schultz (#2096)
Chino Valley, Arizona







































































































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