President's Message: Jim Schultz
July 2014 Runabouts to Rockets

President’s Message: Jim Schultz

As time marches on with both feet, we find ourselves in July already. The summer car fun is in full swing and I hope the membership is exercising the many Oldsmobiles in our club’s fleet. I’m often asked why we do not see more Oldsmobiles at various shows and cruise nights. They certainly made them in large numbers but a lot of times we are the only Oldsmobile present. One theory is because of the built-in quality and reliability of Oldsmobiles—and I saw this first hand pulling wrenches in my dad’s garage in Vestal—they kept running. They were pretty much used up by the many owners these cars had over the years and when they were done, they were scrapped.

The Olds Club of Arizona came by here recently for a garage tour. It gives me an opportunity to talk shop with my fellow Olds guys and show off my “children.” My friend, Scott Stockdill, took some good pictures and since I’m a wagon guy, one of my favorites is the one of the line up of my four and Bob Ryback’s 1957 Fiesta wagons. My ’64 Vista-Cruiser was in the barn so it was not in the shot. Station wagons are not seen routinely because of the low production numbers and the life style most of them lived. So five Oldsmobile wagons parked together is a rare sight.

One of my visitors that day was Ed and Sue Hitchcock. Ed owned Edward Oldsmobile in Phoenix. He bought out Money Olds in the early seventies and was the top selling Olds dealer in the southwest for many years. I went out to his ranch north of me here and I took a shot of his Olds banner and it is pictured here, quite the slogan and he made sure his dealership lived up to those words.

The Minden national meet is in the history books. Start making plans for next years’ meet in East Peoria, Illinois, hosted by long time NAOC member and 1928–1929 model year advisor Phil Fischer. This one will be in early July next year so make your plans now.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate our NAOC Editor Wendy Crosby, for editing Runabouts to Rockets and winning yet another Golden Quill Award in the National Compact Class for 2013. We have an excellent magazine that is being recognized nationally.

As always we are looking for content for your magazine. So send in your car stories and pictures, artifacts and old family Olds pictures.

—Jim Schultz (#2096)
Chino Valley, Arizona







































































































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