President's Message: Jim Schultz
September 2014 Runabouts to Rockets

President’s Message: Jim Schultz

Here we are into September already—it has been a busy summer. In this month’s message I want to reflect on the Minden meet. Many thanks to Doug and Kathy Hone for hosting this year’s meet. A great meet it was; everyone I have talked to indicated that they had a good time, me included. The Wednesday welcoming dinner was well attended with good food and a 1952 Oldsmobile promotional film played at the end.

Thursday morning we headed off to the Nevada Rail Museum with a long procession of Oldsmobiles. I didn’t know you could lay rubber with a 1922 Olds touring car but Mark and Jan Santos did. With Mark hitting the brakes, I ran the light with Pinky that he was trying to stop for so he had more stopping distance. Most of us rode the McKeen Motor Car, an unusual and quite rare trolley-like car at the rail museum. From there we headed on into Carson City for a tour of the Nevada State Museum. This is where we got to see US Mint Press #1 and picked up the beautiful medallions minted for our meet. I think there were about 17 left at the end of the meet.

Friday we were supposed to tour the National Car Museum in Reno. Those plans were dashed when the Friday before the meet, some human debris broke out the front window at the main entrance and lobbed a Molotov cocktail in and burned a Roth Trike and a partitioning wall, sending smoke through the whole place. The museum could not open its doors in time for us. Doug Hone pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got us into a car collection about a quarter mile from the Carson Valley Inn. With little notice to the collection’s caretaker we were treated to a world class collection of teens and twenties touring cars, about 65–70 in number and some makes I’ve never heard of.
Our lunch was at a local eatery in Minden and then we had a driving tour to Markleeville to round out an enjoyable day.

Our show field was populated by a selection of top-shelf Oldsmobiles for our enjoyment. The quality at this year’s meet was memorable as you can see on the pages of this issue. The awards banquet was well attended and congratulations to all recipients. Look for more convention coverage in the November issue.

We will now look forward to next year’s meet hosted by Phil Fischer in East Peoria, Illinois.

—Jim Schultz (#2096)
Chino Valley, Arizona







































































































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