Runabouts to Rockets

President's Message


Runabouts to Rockets
Volume 40 #7-8
July - August, 2021


Hello from the Pacific northwest where Stacy and I have been for the past week or so. The Meet at Post Falls turned out to be a success despite herculean odds. Would like to thank Larry Reid for offering to host the Meet despite the intervention of unforeseen issues. I would also like to express my great appreciation to Greg Minges for his tenacity and patience. Without his insight and experience the outcome would have been quite different. The hotel staff and particularly Sonya were able and agreeable to being flexible for changes that helped us out in so many ways including the financial costs. Also a shout out to all the attendees who took a chance and traveled, in some cases, long distances with and without cars. The ageless Charlie Degges still made it to the Meet by vehicle but must be getting smarter because this time be did not drive the 38 across the country.


The business meeting was a little longer than usual due to the 2 year gap between meetings and the details will be soon become known to all; I can report that the financial status of the Club is sound and we have a positive balance since altering the magazine to every other month. We are considering adding 4 additional pages to the magazine but that move is predicated on content submissions. We are always ecstatic with member submissions. Almost everyone in the Club has a car and each car has a story to be told. Don't be concerned about your writing abilities or skills. We can do the syntax corrections, etc. and we have pictures of many of your cars if you can't get one. Remember a car show is not a car show without cars and a magazine is not a magazine without material for publication.


On another note we are an aging group (better alternative than not aging) but realistically a major future issue is the ultimate loss of members. If you have parts sequestered away try to formulate a plan for their transfer/sale/savings. The price of steel is back up which will ensure the disappearance of more and more wrecking/junk yards making the availability of restorations that much harder for the future of the hobby. 


A special note to all the attendees who experienced problems getting to Post Falls including your President who had a wheel bearing go out in his  truck in Colorado. Paul Turkovich threw a rod through the block in his 56; Mark Santos had a flat and he and Jan had to sleep in his truck overnight to get it fixed the next day. And David Hall (El Paso) had to leave his 67 Toronado (fuel pump?) in Pueblo, Colorado and drive up in a rental car. There were others I should mention but my mind can't remember them all.


Several stalwarts could not make the Meet this year for various reasons; they were all missed greatly and we wish them all the best and look forward to their return.


Meets have been firmed up and confirmed by the Board. Next year Judy and Doug Badgley will host the Meet in Lansing, MI. in August followed by Mark and Jan Santos the following year in LaCrosse, WI. We are soliciting the membership for a meet in 2024 in the southeast or southwest.


Thanks for supporting the NAOC; stay well and safe travels to all on the way home.


—Rick Winn (#914)
Slaton, Texas​