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Runabouts to Rockets

President's Message


Runabouts to Rockets
Volume 38 #11
November, 2019

I just returned from the Antique Auto Club of America’s (AACA) “Hershey” swap meet and car show which went from 8-13 October. Flying there made me really appreciate automobile transportation. I flew without a hitch from Lubbock to Dallas and then the fun began. The plane was delayed initially for 30 minutes without any explanation (a common event); we finally boarded only to face another delay of what turned out to be an hour. This time it was some mechanical problem (note that this plane had just flown from wherever to Dallas). My arrival in Philadelphia which was already terrific due to the many options for flight times resulted in me driving at 0200 to the motel in Hershey (actually at 0230 since I had to get my rental car). That was another fiasco as I had to run to get what I thought was the last rental car shuttle. Rode the shuttle only to find that it was the wrong shuttle. The driver was nice and dropped me “close” to the rental company I had and then I got to run the rat maze to actually get there. Must have been seven fences around all of the other rental companies that would not allow you to traverse in any kind of straight line. The only thing missing from the fences was razor wire on the top. Driving to Hershey was also interesting as there is no major road to Hershey from the Philadelphia airport and you are on 2 lane roads through small towns and hamlets and cannot go faster than 35-40 mph in most places. I finally got to the motel at 0430. Needless to say I looked and felt my best the next day (same day)!! I know some of you will say why not fly to Harrisburg which is very close to Hershey; it is equivalent to the additional fare by flying from Lubbock to Dallas so you can fly to Minneapolis. The fare doubles.

This was my first trip to “Mecca” and it was worth the trip (another bucket list adventure crossed off). Those that have never been there cannot appreciate the Disneyland quality of the event to vintage car aficionados. Those that have been there keep coming back for more. Greg Minges manned the NAOC “booth” while selling prints. He managed to sign up three new members and others took applications. Several NAOC members including founder, Charlie Degges, and membership manager, Paul Hartlieb, came over to say hello. I bought a few things from Bob Petters that Greg graciously offered to haul home and deliver later. Greg and I drove over to the Hershey Lodge and drooled over the cars that were to be auctioned; I was able to meet the artist, Dave Snyder, and his wife, whose prints Greg sells. Pat McMillan unsuccessfully bid on a 1904 Curved Dash. The weather was spectacular, apparently a sign from God that I was supposed to come back again. It was sunny and in the low 70s with nary a drop of rain, very unlike historical descriptions of the swap meet in the past. Took pictures of the “Oldsmobiles of Hershey” in the car corral, etc., which hopefully will appear in a future magazine. The trip back was uneventful fortunately.

Happy Thanksgiving!

—Rick Winn (#914)
Slaton, Texas​