Runabouts to Rockets

President's Message


Runabouts to Rockets
Volume 40 #5-6
May-June, 2021

Stacy and I just returned from the great state of Arizona where we spent a week in Scottsdale with family from Minnesota. While there we attended the “Gathering” of Arizona Oldsmobiles formerly held at the Pavilions at Talking Stick. At Talking Stick there is a casino a couple of miles down the road. Stacy and her mother “donated” some money while there. The Pavilions is a shopping center with a large
paved parking lot which allowed for the Olds show to be held; it used to be a “threefer” because the Arizona Olds show was held on Saturday from 0900-1500 (3 pm for those non-military time folks) or so.

Then after about 1700 (5 pm) until 2200 (10 pm) or later there was a huge cruise-in which drew as many as 2000 cars of mixed makes. On Sunday at the same time as the Saturday Olds show the BOP (Buick-Olds-Pontiac) show was held. Made for a tremendous weekend for the car aficionado. Unfortunately even before COVID there was a problem with (younger?!?) car owners with drift cars, etc. who drag
raced and did burnouts on the road in front of the mall. Despite multiple attempts to curb their enthusiasm the problem persisted and worsened resulting in the entire enterprise being shut down. The Olds show was subsequently postponed last year from March to October due to COVID; when held in October the folks in charge of the event at Talking Stick declined to accept any further liability from the show and when presented with continuing in March 2021 it was definitively cancelled. The “Rock and Roll” McDonalds located there changed ownership during this process. That McDonalds made more revenue at that location than any other McDonalds in the world (reasonable sources); one can only wonder what kind of revenue it makes now without weekly car cruises there. An informal car cruise-in now occurs on the other side of Phoenix near Glendale on Friday and Saturday night. Thankfully one of the Arizona Olds club members stepped up and offered to let the Arizona Olds club use the parking lot and building where his offices are for the Meet. This is where the Meet was held in October 2020 and
this past March. There is a food truck which serves the attendees. Where there is a will there is a way!

The National Meet plans continue; we are trying to be flexible regardless of what happens in the COVID world of Idaho and Washington. If you are flying to Spokane it might be prudent to buy refundable tickets or flight insurance unless you have a ticket that can be re-ticketed for you or a family member.

Currently in Idaho (April) they are at the point where in-person dining is ok with up to 50% occupancy with voluntary masking and social distancing. Greg Minges has remained in close contact with the hotel to fine tune all the remaining room, meal and other logistics. I would like to emphasize getting your registration in as soon as possible!!!! Did I say that registrations should be made as soon as possible?
(Pause for echo resolution) Details on the activities are reasonably firmed up but are obviously dependent on the public health situation. Addison Pemberton is looking forward to having us visit his vintage aircraft restoration facility. Plans are to begin the tour here near the Spokane airport.

Afterwards we will travel to the Bird Museum in Hayden, ID which showcases the inventions of Dr. Bird and houses his vintage aircraft and auto facility. Lastly we’ll drive and explore the mining museum in Wallace, ID. The entire drive is probably in the neighborhood of 130 miles, 25 miles west to the airport, 35 miles east back from there to the Bird museum and about 65 miles east to Wallace. Obviously then it would be 65 miles west back to Post Falls. We are encouraging driving your vintage car for the tour and are hoping for a decent participation; however, if you are concerned about the reliability of your classic Olds you can drive your modern vehicle. Lunch will be on your own at restaurants on the trip. I shall attempt to have a listing of options available. This entire Meet is understandably and by definition flexible. Greg’s and my contact information will be redacted from all sources if anything goes wrong. Ha!

Remember it is not nice to fool with Mother nature, especially regarding viruses; she can be more like your Mother-in-law rather than your Mother!!! See you there. Travel safely.

—Rick Winn (#914)
Slaton, Texas​