Runabouts to Rockets

President's Message


Runabouts to Rockets
Volume 39 #7
July, 2020

Within the past month the NAOC received a certified letter from the OCA chastising us regarding a duplication printed in the R to R (one page) that had appeared in a prior JWO. We regret the error and have apologized to the Editor of the OCA and also are now apologizing to the OCA as well. It should be noted that errors like this have also occurred in the recent past by the Editor of the JWO regarding prior articles published in the R to R; we had chosen to overlook these errors due to their infrequency, simple human error and our view that the memberships of both organizations are small and getting smaller and that the information is educational and entertaining to both memberships. I contacted Shannon Olson, the editor of the JWO and she was aghast that this has happened to her as well and apologized to Brad individually and to the NAOC in general for any duplications on her part. I bring this up to ask and remind our readers/members that anything submitted be vetted if not authored by the submitter. Also be aware that any article written and published elsewhere becomes the property of the publishing entity and is no longer owned by the author. It can be republished with attribution and permission from the publisher; however. The editors of both of our club magazines do not subscribe or regularly view the competing hobby publication. Having been the editor of our magazine it is difficult if not almost impossible to know if something has been published before. We do not subscribe to the idea of “it is easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission” as in this case. It is an unfortunate happening that is almost never malicious in intent; we offer this explanation to emphasize the potential problems of publishing and to request your help with submissions. Clearly we want and strongly request articles, pictures and any other informative materials from our membership for our magazine. Hopefully this aberration will not discourage anyone from supporting Runabouts to Rockets now or in the future.

Recently with the relaxation of “shelter in place” rules in the state of Michigan by the Governor, Judy Badgley and the NAOC have decided to go ahead with the annual Meet. By the time you read this hopefully you will already be aware and will be making plans to attend the Meet in Lansing. We are both acutely and chronically aware of the issues with regard to health risks and are fully supportive of any individual decision to forego attending. Clearly if any ‘spike’ of significance occurs we may have to alter course. It appears that the 1923 touring car will not get to spend the winter at Mark Santos’ house under the tree after all.

Special thanks to Eddie Rezac and to David Hall of El Paso who have come to the rescue on the recessed Phillips head screws/bolts for the rear door hinges on the 49 town sedan. Of course last night I read a page in the Fusick catalog and it appears that they are available there although I never noticed it before. The bore for the 324 pistons is complete and the 303 engine rebuild is coming along with support from Keith berg and Pete Clayton. Amazing how many parts make up a car; it seems never ending. More to come.  See you in Lansing!!!!

—Rick Winn (#914)
Slaton, Texas​


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