Runabouts to Rockets

President's Message


Runabouts to Rockets
Volume 41 #9-10
September-October 2022

The Twilight Zone! I still remember the opening salvo by Rod Serling, “You unlock this door with a key to imagination, beyond it is another dimension…..”. Well, after two consecutive driving trips within a week to Lansing, MI (NAOC annual meet) followed by Seville, OH (Rocketfest) I felt like that is where I was. Of course these two trips occurred after the initial family trip to Minnesota and onward to the Homecoming in Lansing in June. I texted Stacy the third time saying that I kept having this déjà vu experience/nightmare that I was driving endlessly on I-40 and that I kept hearing Mr. Serling’s voice over and over in my head. By the way I think my truck can now find the way to and from without any human input at all. I combined all three trips with bringing cars back to west Texas from the “50 Olds Connection” in Sylvania, OH. Bill Ehrsam has now sold virtually all his 50 Oldsmobile parts and although remaining very active in the hobby with his palm green convertible he is effectively retired from vending parts. When I was there a year ago he was in the process of getting rid of about 35 parts cars (now gone) and I managed to acquire a couple before they were liquidated and a 51 Chevy wagon for parts for my 50 Oldsmobile wagon. These were definitely parts cars even for me although several of my detractors would argue that they cannot see any differences from some of my keepers. We’ll see who laughs last. By the way Stacy, God love her, might be included with the other detractors!! She has the patience of Job. I have not totaled the mileage but suffice it to say it was a lot. The fuel costs probably define insanity in some way but you can’t take the cars and fun with you when you go. That’s my story and I am sticking with it.

The NAOC Board of Directors met and discussed the present and future of the Club. We are financially doing much better and are solvent principally due to extending the magazine interval to every other month. We elected new executive officers and soon you will see the ballots for new Board members. Special thanks to all the Board members who are coming off the Board for their efforts over their terms, Phil Fischer, David T Hall, Dale Huefner and Paul Mang. Also a huge thank you to Dick White, who has decided to relinquish his duties as our treasurer; his rather large shoes will be filled by Sharon Mang and the new secretary will be Suzette Hall from Ohio. Brad Bishop will stay on as Editor and Sara Winn will continue as the Webmaster. Greg Minges will be the new President and with all the officers will assume their new duties on January 1st. Next year’s Meet (2023) will be in LaCrosse, WI and will be hosted by Jan and Mark Santos. The following year (2024) the Meet will be in Bowling Green, KY (dates to follow); thanks to David Lightfoot and family for volunteering to host the Meet. Finally an added thanks to Greg (Head Judge) and Mary Jo Minges (background heroine for helping with name badges, etc.). Subsequent Meet locations are fluid. If anyone wants to volunteer to host a future Meet please contact Greg or any other member of the BOD. Major kudos to Judy and Doug Badgley for their spectacular Meet in Lansing and to all the members who aided in the Meet and brought cars. Details of the Meet will be published in a future issue of Runabouts to Rockets.

As I write this it is the 125th anniversary of Oldsmobile, incorporating on 21 August 1897. Coincidentally, that is the same date (not the year- apologies to Ms. DeShannon) as the birthday of Jackie DeShannon who famously recorded the rock classic, “What the world needs now is Love.” We could all use a lot more of that. Where does the time go? If you are ever in the Lansing area a visit to the REO Olds museum should definitely be on your itinerary. Phil Fischer is having some health issues; keep him in your thoughts. Stay well and enjoy your Oldsmobile hobby and friends.



—Rick Winn (#914)
Slaton, Texas​